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Learning Boost- School Gaari

Despite leaps in IT advancement, most government schools’ students and teachers do not have access to extensive repository knowledge that isLearning Boost Photo Essay (5) accessible through internet connectivity. Information communication technology can improve teachers’ skills and directly impact learning outcomes of students. SNG’s Challenge Fund sponsored pilot project ‘Learning Boost’ has brought quality education at the doorstep of more than 76,000 students of government primary schools by connecting them to online learning content and tools. In an IT enabled environment this project focuses on improving delivery of primary education by training teachers on early grade numeracy & literacy and grade 5 mathematics, by an expert master teacher trainer using a virtual classroom environment from a remote location. The pilot project is being implemented in 212 government primary schools in two districts, Vehari and Mandi Bahauddin of the province of Punjab.

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Improving access to maternal health care in Sheikhupura District, Pakistan

In Pakistan, one in every 170 women has the lifetime risk of maternal death. This is compared with just one in 5,800 in the UK. Great work is being done to improve this figure, however, and we’re highlighting one project doing just that.