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Seminar on Citizens Budget (Nov 19, 2015) – Promoting Transparency and Accountability

Seminar on Citizen Budget (Nov 19, 2015) – Promoting Transparency and Accountability










SNG provided support for greater transparency of budget. It also provided technical assistance to improve budget documentation and budget participation at provincial level. A budget transparency review was undertaken to benchmark Punjab’s score on budget transparency. Open Budget Survey methodology was customized to apply at the subnational level for the very first time in Pakistan. Further, SNG Punjab assisted Finance Department (FD), Government of the Punjab in developing important documents for budget transparency such as citizens budget, medium term fiscal framework, budget execution reports and debt bulletin etc. to improve Punjab’s budget score. In order to ensure sustainability of these documents, SNG Punjab developed a handbook to provide guidance on development of these documents in future. The handbook was used to provide training to staff of Finance Department on budget transparency. As a result of the above, the budget transparency score of Punjab Government increased from 55/100 to 68/100 in four years.


  • Increased budget transparency score of the Government of Punjab (GoPb’s) by 24% from 55/100 to 68/100
  • Conducted Budget Transparency Review to benchmark Government’s transparency score
  • Provided technical assistance for citizens budget, medium term fiscal frameworks, debt bulletins, Budget Execution Report and improved participation in budget making
  • Helped in institutionalisation of initiatives to promote budget transparency
  • SNG was able get the transparency agenda incorporated in the national action plan for Open Government Partnership (OGP).
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