DDCF In KP Challenge Fund

The DDCF was part of SNG to identify and test models for improved service delivery to citizens and facilitate the provincial government in adopting successful models. The SNG theory of change envisaged that the successful models – when implemented across the province, would transform public perception of basic services favourably.

During SNG years 2014-2018, SNG launched two challenge fund rounds. Details of the projects implemented in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as following;

Round I

Round I identified poor access, low retention rate, poor learning outcomes and lack of accountability of teachers and district government officials as key bottlenecks on delivery of primary education services and sought to identify new models to address these problems.

  1. Science Camps
  2. Broad Class – Listen to Learn
  3. Learning Boost
  4. Education Quality Assurance
  5. Improving Education Governance

Round II

Communicable diseases account for 50% of all deaths at national level. KP DHIS reported 5.6 million cases of communicable diseases in 2015. In case of communicable diseases, the problem has aggravated because the province does not have an integrated diseases surveillance and response system (IDSRS) to detect and respond to communicable diseases. The other key challenge lies in controlling diabetes which is growing at an alarming rate in KP. Currently, 7% of the population in KP is affected by the disease and lack of simple, inexpensive screening facilities in public healthcare facilities at local level is responsible for this plight. Diabetic patients face complications such as heart attack, blindness, kidney failure, foot ulcer, etc if the disease is not detected timely and treated appropriately. The problem is also accentuated for people do not know that diabetes can be prevented through simple lifestyle changes. Pakistan is committed to establishing mechanisms to fight communicable diseases and diabetes but it has limited only limited progress in this direction. Round II pilots responded to these challenges.

  1. Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response System – IDSRS
  2. Diabetes Treatment and Lifestyle Knowledge- D-TALK