KP passed local government act in the year 2013 and held local body elections in 2015, implementing a three tiered local government system in the province. SNG’s technical assistance helped the province introduce measures and prepare and revise rules and procedures as per the requirement of the new local government system. The province formulated the following rules/guidelines with a technical assistance from SNG.

  • District Needs Assessments
  • District Policy Briefs for districts
  • Rules of Business 2015
  • Planning and Development Guidelines 2015
  • Budget Rules 2016 for District, Tehsil and VCNCs
  • Local Government Taxation Rules
  • Local Government Fiscal Transfer Rules
  • Monitoring and Supervision of Local Government Rules
  • Devolution Support Cell: In order to address capacity gaps in district planning and tracking of devolved 30% development resources, the concept of a dedicated Devolution Support Cell (DSC) was introduced mandated to design a robust monitoring mechanism for ensuring compliance with planning guidelines issued by the P&D Department by all tiers of local government as well as other rules designed for local governments. Additionally, the DSC was tasked to develop a time bound and costed capacity building plan for district officials of local governments in close coordination with the LGE&RD Department, to efficiently manage development function as assigned to them under LGA 2013. Key intervention though DSC included the following:
  1. Preparation of District ADPs
  2. Compliance with P&D Guidelines
  3. SMS- Based Expenditure Tracking System
  4. Development of Management Information System (MIS) for Local Government School (LGS)
  5. Inter-governmental coordination mechanism
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