Donor Coordination

Workshop on Grants Application PPIF

Workshop with PPIF

Meeting with DFID

Delivery of the SNG programme required close coordination with other DFID sectoral and demand-side programmes (AAWAZ, PHNP/TRF+, EVA-BHN and PESP-II and other health and education sector programmes), for synergies and to support programme implementation.

For that purpose, SNG adopted a process for mutual sharing and collaboration, and established monthly/quarterly medium where programmes shared their work plans, progress, and challenges, for better collaboration. This was most successful in the health sector and PFM (under DFID’s lead).

The education programme (PESP-II) was directed, on DFID’s recommendation, to follow up on SNG audits in the education sector and the Health programme (PHNP) requested SNG to lead payroll audits in the health sector.


  • Organised workshops in collaboration with AAWAZ to promote budget literacy in two common districts
  • Led the donor coordination process for the PFM Reforms Implementation Plan besides working with the World Bank and GIZ on various other initiatives
  • Engaged with government counterparts and donor-funded programmes to help avoid duplication and build support for the SNG DDCF pilots in education and health
  • Helped Government of Punjab to establish a donor coordination forum, headed by the Finance Minister, which met on a quarterly basis to review implementation of reforms. PFM Adviser SNG Punjab was nominated to be the focal person for the PFM reforms.
  • Coordinated with development partners to develop a work plan and an implementation monitoring framework for the reforms. Assistance was also provided to reviewing implementation of the reforms on a periodic basis and holding quarterly meetings of the donor coordination committee.
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