Education Data Management System

Education Data Management System (EDMS)

A comprehensive education data management system was developed and deployed in district Sheikhupura under the pilot with the aim of promoting the use of the information system for evidence-based planning and monitoring in the education sector.

Project Features

  • Creation of a central repository for all education data from the target district
  • Capacity building of staff to effectively utilize the EDMS for monitoring and planning
  • Provision of  accurate and timely data on performance of teachers and learning outcomes of students
  • Correlating learning outcome data with missing facilities data for better planning and management


With the deployment of the project in District Sheikhupura, it is benefiting:

  • 114 District Teacher Educators
  • 4,800 Primary School Teachers
  • 79,600 students (48% girls)


As the primary stakeholder, Directorate of Staff Development has endorsed and advocated province-wide adoption of the pilot. The DDCF is collaborating with the PITB and Chief Minister’s Road-map team to facilitate early adoption of this model to meet information needs of education policymakers.

Implementing Partners