Geographic Information System


GIS integrated planning processes in district is one of the important technology oriented approaches of the SNG programme. While SNG piloted the GIS in six focused districts, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GoKP) has adopted the model taking the service to rest of the districts in the province also establishing a centralized hub at the Peshawar.

Key GIS-related technological interventions and results were as follows:

  • Assisted in establishing district GIS cells in the six SNG focus districts, with a full-time GIS specialist and equipped with the latest GIS technology.
  • Organised GIS training sessions benefitting 66 district government officials.
  • Established a provincial-level GIS Working Group within the P&D Department, mandated to pool and share government’s common GIS resources.
  • Created a GIS hub in the P&D Department for providing provincial oversight for all GIS-related initiatives being undertaken either at the provincial or district levels; with government or donors’ funding. Through this GIS Hub, GoKP has approved GIS PC-I (2015–20) for 14 districts.
  • GoKP has made it mandatory to include GIS coordinates in all planning documents of the projects.
  • GoKP has decided to put all provincial and district ADPs on the GIS system. 80% of provincial ADP projects FY 2017/18 have been mapped by government using a GIS system, for monitoring. With all provincial ADP mapped online on the GIS map the P&D Department can take evidence-based decisions while approving and monitoring the ADP schemes: for instance, decisions like where to build the new school.





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