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Being piloted in Sheikhupura and Sahiwal districts of Punjab, the objective of this project is to redesign the immunization card with a view to achieve significant performance improvements in immunization administration, such as increased uptake and retention. The e-vaccination card has been designed with input from the CM Health Road Map, DG Immunization, WHO, UNICEF and PSPU.

Project Features

  • Redesigning the immunization card making it more intuitive for low-literate users through visual instructions and graphic illustrations and creating a unique card ID with a Quick Response (QR) code and an NFC reader (electronic memory card) 
  • Creation of traceable immunization records in the field through digital scanning of card by vaccinators’ smart phones and data can also be transferred to and fro
  • ICT based monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for vaccine administration
  • Data-driven policy prescriptions for decision-makers
  • SMS alerts for parents regarding vaccination dates etc.

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Intended Impact

The pilot seeks a 5% increase in uptake for vaccination, 25% increase in retention and improvement in service quality for approximately 21,000 children and mothers in the two districts.

Government Endorsement

The pilot has received favorable feedback from Director General Immunization, Chief Minister’s Health Road Map Team, Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) as well as vaccinates in the field. The government has decided to use the e-vaccination card and other activities of the pilot to upgrade the existing EVACCS system in the districts during the life of the pilot.

Implementing Partners

Information Technology University (ITU)