Learning Boost

Project Grantee: Comcept (Pvt.) Limited


Learning boost was the most advanced pilot project that focused on improving teachers and children’s numeracy and literacy. LB project aimed at improving student learning outcomes by strengthening and improving the delivery of teacher training in the province. The pilot was implemented by TeleTaleem (TT) (private sector) in close partnership with the Directorate of Staff Development (DSD), School Education Department, and Government of the Punjab. The
Total Cost of the Pilot was PKR 43,329,265 out of which PKR 3,360,000 was TT’s matching contribution. This translated into a cost of PKR 500/beneficiary over 15 months. The teachers were trained at a hub-school connected to a remote trainer via digital classroom. Teachers were given tablets loaded with required contents and supporting material. Further, parents were engaged in their children’s progress through continuous parenting sessions. The pilot also included formative assessment of teachers and children. The results of these assessments were available to parents and teachers immediately after the assessment. The project tried to establish an alternative way of training teachers to improve teaching quality and learning outcomes in primary education. An MOU detailing roles and responsibilities and adoption agreement was signed between TT and DSD prior to award of the grant to ensure sustainability. The experiment was carried out in Districts of Vehari & Mandi Bahauddin covering 200 schools.


During the experiment a total of 86,992 individuals benefitted. These included, 373 teachers, 30 DSD Staff, 26,000 children of treatment schools, 46,226 children in community schools, 14,240 parents and 53 community workers. 40% of beneficiaries were females.


The impact of the project was highly appreciable like Children in target schools gained 32% in early grade literacy as compared to 17.97% for control, 39.1% in early grade numeracy versus 21.1% for control and 20% for Grade V Mathematics versus 15.9% for control group. DSD’s independent evaluation confirmed a learning gain of 6% from grade 5 mathematics.

Adoption and Scale-up:

An assessment of intervention design was carried out by DSD and supported by SNG post completion of the pilot. This adoption phase ensured that all the learning and implementation capabilities were transferred on to DSD.

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