Innovation Challenge Fund Application Form

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How to Complete the Concept Note

Review the Term Sheet and complete each section of the Concept Note. Please be concise and address the questions in each section.

Please use quantitative and qualitative information where possible to help reviewers understand the scope and scale of your project, and its likely impact.

It is important that you complete each section of the Concept Note. The completed Concept Note must not exceed 3 pages in length.

Please submit the completed Concept Note to the SNG teams below:

Briefly state the nature of your institution (100 words or less) In case of Local Government Department/Office – (Signatory May be the DCO of the District or elected head of LG) In case of Provincial Government Department / Office – (Secretary of the Line Department May be the Signatory) In case of Private Institution / NGO – (The Registered Head of the Organization May be the signatory – In this case company association / registration certificate is required with same title) In case of Individual Researcher – (The Signatory May be the University of Academic Association to which the Researcher is Associated with)
State what will be the contribution and how the project will address issues stated
A flow diagram may be provided for a better explanation
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Where relevant highlight impact on improving inclusion, accountability and social impact.
State how this project is innovative and differentiates itself for what has already been tried in Punjab, KP or Pakistan.
Must identify key stakeholders and their relevance to the project Must state how the project will link all relevant stakeholders including direct and indirect beneficiaries, policy makers and academia if required
Briefly state a The programme will be launched to a bigger set of audiences and highlight its strengths for replication at a larger scale.
This section must mention any foreseeable risk, severity of the risk and proposed mitigation measure

SNG is a programme managed and implemented by OPM.