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PFM Training Workshop








SNG assisted FD in planning and implementation of PFM reforms in Punjab. A PFM Reform Strategy was developed with the approval of the Government. It comprised following pillars:

  • Strengthened fiscal policy and management
  • Efficient and effective budget utilisation
  • Improved service delivery
  • Domestic resources mobilised
  • Strong PFM foundation established

A donor coordination committee was formed. Reform priorities were assigned to different multilateral partners in accordance with their areas of interest. Quarterly meetings of donor coordination committee were held to review progress of implementation.


  • Development of medium term plan for PFM Reforms
  • Donor coordination forum for effective implementation
  • Contributed to 45% increase in provincial tax revenue and 31% increase in development expenditure in FY 2015-16
  • Revision of PFM Reforms Strategy
  • Identification of 2,000 new taxpayers for sales tax on services\Reconstitution of Fiscal Monitoring Committee
  • Introduction of E-stamping in Punjab