Planning and Development

Launch of Annual Report and Punjab Economic Report, 2018

High Level Dialogue on Punjab Development Framework, March 11, 2017

Dialogue on Punjab’s Economic Growth and Reform Agenda, March 13, 2018

Strengthening the planning process in Punjab was a major intervention area under SNG. Over the course of the programme it became even more critical as the size of the ADP increased to US$6 billion. SNG, working in close partnership with the Planning & Development Department (P&DD) identified a critical need for modernisation, especially for the ADP development process and that of policy formulation. The SNG interventions focused on the following key areas:

  • Strengthening management of the Annual Development Programme

A Strategic Dialogue on the New Planning Framework for Punjab and the New Public Management was
designed and conducted which brought together Provincial Secretaries and Policy Makers from all major

A New Planning Framework for the P&DD was developed. The following were additionally also

  • Stakeholder Consultation Guidelines
  • New Project Concept Note Template
  • Department ADP Strategy & Log-Frame as tools to support the implementation of this new

The ADP Guidelines were revised to improve linkages of development projects with sectoral plans and the Economic Growth Strategy and the implementation of the new planning framework. In addition, the ADP guidelines included elements of evidence-based, gender sensitive and performance oriented planning and budgeting. Overall, SNG supported revisions of three annual ADP Guidelines – FY 2016-17; 2017-18 and; 2018-19.

The Provincial Planning Manual was updated after two decades to provide a development framework that can enable the planners to align their priorities with the strategy and be aware of concepts such as needs based planning, performance framework and results based management.

The ADP Formulation Strategy was developed and the process of developing an overall ADP Formulation Strategy Paper for the government was institutionalised.

A Department Level Development Portfolio Performance Index was designed and implemented to ensure that the revised ADP guidelines and the ADP Formulation Strategy to develop projects by provincial departments were adhered to.

  • Enhancing Policy direction, Transparency and Review

Policy Making Guidelines were developed and issued to all departments with the Chief Secretary instructing the departments to develop their sectoral policies as a matter of priority.

Templates for Departmental and P&DD Annual Progress Reports were developed. SNG also supported P&DD in putting together the report which was launched by the Minister of Planning and Minister of Finance. The programme helped introduce and institutionalise process of development of annual reports for P&D Department and all key GoPb departments

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These interventions were built upon a strong problem driven approach and hence resulted in full ownership, adoption and sustainability. The P&DD Annual Report 2017 commends SNG’s efforts in delivering and strongly institutionalizing these reforms.

  • Institutional Strengthening

With the help of SNG:

Institutional and functional reform resulted in establishment of a key strategic cell that has equipped the P&D Department with policy, economic, procurement, legal, HR and change management skills. Guidelines to reform the External Capital Assistance Wing and to manage good HR have also been developed.

The use of PDIA has been institutionalised in the P&D Department.

  • Support to Establishing Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF)

Following the SNG DDCF process of identifying and managing innovative projects, SNG helped GoPb operationalise the Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF), which, based on the DDCF process, has awarded grants to six projects worth PKR 194 million (£1.3m) covering service delivery in population control.

    • Developed framework to enable the planners to align their priorities with the strategy
    • Designed New Planning Framework: Longer duration in sync with Budget Cycle
      – Stakeholder consultations, evidence building, Log-frame, ADP Strategy and New Project Concept Note
    • Updating the provincial manual after two decades – In use at P&D and Departments
    • Trained 207 planners across the government; 24% learning gains; Institutionalized at MPDD
    • ADP Guidelines, ADP Formulation Strategy – 2016-17; 2017-18; 2018-19

                    – Focus on Health, Education, Wash & Nutrition; SDGs; Gender; Growth Strategy; CPEC; Deprived Districts
– More than 200% increases in health & education & WASH budgets,
– Special programme for 10 poorest districts
– Women Development Policy

  • Conducted institutional review of P&DD
    – Establishment of Knowledge Management Cell & Strategic Unit, HR Cost rationalisation, ECA Restructuring
  • Trained Economic Wing Staff on project Evaluations and participation in PDIA
  • Supported development of Policy Making Guidelines – resulting in over 10 sectoral polices
  • P&D and Department Level Performance Report launched and institutionalised
  • PRMP support on restructuring in a Governance Reform Agency