Strengthening Local Governments

Strengthening capacity of local governments to deliver services

We are supporting the emerging administrative, institutional and regulatory arrangements for delivery of basic services by the lower levels of government after devolution of delivery mechanisms to local governments in both Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We are supporting local governments by:

Providing technical assistance for transition of authority from provincial to local level: We have supported the transition of the governance at the local level by supporting efforts for formalization of organizational structures, staffing, service delivery functions, business processes, linkages with provincial governments and budgeting and financing of district authorities for health and education. Institutional frameworks were developed after an extensive consultation and consensus building process.

Enabling local governments to efficiently plan, monitor and deliver services: We identify multiple performance-improvement activities, evaluate their potential for improving performance, make recommendations and facilitate the implementation of these activities at the local level. We gather evidence of citizens’ needs, dis-aggregated by gender and other social development indicators wherever possible and propose solutions for effectively addressing these needs.We have supported successful implementation, optimized use and sustainability of district-level GIS for more efficient planning and monitoring of service delivery.

Building capacity of local governments: We build capacities of service delivery managers at the local level to plan delivery of services, conduct needs assessment for evidence-based budgeting, prepare budgets that are responsive to citizens’ needs and use technology for problem-solving and decision-making.


71, 216 elected  councillors  will  perform  their  functions  more  effectively  in  Punjab  due  to  the operational  framework provided by the SNG.

Responsive governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with SNG  supported Performance Management  and Reforms Unit.
44,977 Citizens registered on Citizen’s Portal App (A dedicated App for service delivery complaint resolution). 19949  service  delivery  complaints  made through Citizen’s  Portal  App  resolved.

300% increase in collection of Capital Value Tax by Sheikhupura district authorities because of  adoption of GIS at the district level.

22 district Nazims belonging to 22 districts of the province formally trained on LGA 2013 and planning and budgeting processes.
287 local government political representatives including 44 women members in six districts were trained on Local Government Act 2013.
377 district government officers including 8 women officers were in six districts were trained on decentralized planning and budget making.