The Sub-national governance programme (SNG) is aimed at strengthening local and provincial governments and building sustainable institutions in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to improve the way provincial and local governments manage their planning and finances. SNG will help these governments to deliver better services for their 140 million people, particularly the poor. The programme will work towards this aim by improving government’s planning and budgeting capacities, creating effective and accountable institutions, enhancing fiscal space by driving both efficiencies in expenditures and mobilising greater revenues, implementing robust PFM systems and sustainably integrating innovation and inclusion.

Planning and Institutional Reform

Helping improve the way governments plan to carry out their functions so that resources are allocated based on need and to get the most efficient and effective government systems and structures in place.

Budgeting and Transparency

Helping provincial and local governments manage their resources better, including better budget allocation and spending that reflects them, and to become more transparent, making it easier for citizens to hold them to account.

Fiscal Space

helping government generate and free up more resources that can be utilised for the delivery of services.

Innovation Challenge Fund

Piloting and scaling up innovative approaches to improving evidence-based policy making, planning and governance, and by using action-oriented research.


SNG is a programme managed and implemented by OPM.

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