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Dialogue on Punjab’s Economic Growth

Training Manual Handing Over Ceremony at MPDD

Re-strategising SNG Role in district with New Local Government System

Technology Based Local Training Workshop









SNG Punjab carried out Capacity Building projects in the Planning and Development Department of Punjab. An institutional and functional review of the P&D Department was carried out under the Capacity Building Project and Knowledge Management Cell. Apart from this, a concept note on revamping the External Capital Assistance (ECA) Wing was created. Training of government officials on improved planning and budgeting processes was carried out to equip them to navigate the revamped planning processes. Apart from this, the staff of Economic Wing (responsible for the economic and financial analysis of the projects) was trained on project evaluations.

As powers devolved from Provincial to Local Governments, SNG helped six target districts develop their capacity to understand the basic principles of Evidence-Based Budgeting. For this, two important documents, ‘Guidelines for evidence-based budgeting’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ were produced and shared with the districts. SNG provided Technical Assistance to Local Governments during the process of transition and establishment of independent DHAs and District Education Authorities (DEAs) as well as their financial management system.

In collaboration with the Urban Unit, SNG provided training for government officials in the pilot districts on generating GIS reports for planning, decision making, and monitoring of service delivery in health, education and other sectors. The training involved capacity building on the use of technology for identifying problems and gaps, listing of possible effective solutions, and tracking the impact of actions in solving critical service delivery issues


  • Helped in establishment of Strategic Support Cell
  • Provided an entry point for a review of departmental compliance with the ADP process, improved ADP guidelines, and extension of the ADP cycle from 5 to 9 months in order to create space for strategy review against provincial priorities.
  • Developed an extensive training manual and conducted seven trainings in collaboration with the Management and Professional Development Department (MPDD) that were attended by 203 provincial planners from various departments.
  • Enhanced the capability of the Economic Wing by enrolling the staff in the online Problem Driven Iterative Adaption (PDIA) management course offered by Harvard University.
  • Drafted 19 key legislative frameworks enacted by GoPb
  • Assisted in the development of the Local Government Transition Diagnostic Study, Local Government Transition Action Plan, and Manual for Orientation of DHAs on Local Government Rules and System.
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