Donor Coordination

SNG played a critical role in coordinating and leveraging institutional donor efforts in the area of governance reforms in KP. As part of its governance and PFM workstreams, SNG continued working with different donor programmes and projects operating in KP, particularly the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), German International Cooperation (GiZ), the Asian Development Bank, the European Union (EU), AusAID and DFID sector programmes.

Key SNG achievements in the area of donors’ coordination include:

  • Continuation of SDPF and IDS-related institutional processes through the UNDP-funded Secretariat housed within the P&D Department;
  • Through KP PFM reform strategy providing a platform for the World Bank to anchor their US$ 50 million revenue reform programme for KP; and,
  • Adoption of a joint and harmonised approach by donors towards devolution-related capacity development vis-à-vis channelling money through the local government capacity development working group.
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