Education Data Management System

Education Data Management System (EDMS)

Grantee: TeleTaleem (Pvt) Limited


EDMS project aimed at improving evidence based policymaking in the education sector by developing an analytics dashboard that captures student learning outcomes. The pilot was implemented by TeleTaleem (TT) (private sector) in close partnership with the Directorate of Staff Development (DSD), School Education Department of Punjab. The experiment promoted the use of educational data and information for evidence based planning and monitoring at
district level. The experiment established an Education Data Management System. The DSD conducted student assessment 6 times a year from grade 3-5. This process of student assessment was fully automated where students used bubble sheets to fill in their responses and assessments were marked and uploaded using scanners placed at CTSCs. The staff that
was involved in planning and monitoring at the district level were given hands-on-training so that they could use the system in their work. The project provided an analytical tool to correlate learning outcome data with missing facilities and other monitoring data for better planning and management. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) detailing roles, responsibilities and adoption agreement was signed between TT and DSD prior to award of the grant to ensure


The experiment was carried out in District of Sheikhupura, directly benefitting 114 DTEs, and indirectly 4,800 Primary School Teachers through improved identification of their training needs, where 41% of these beneficiaries were women. The pilot was also expected to indirectly benefit the children taught by the teachers that was approximately 79,600 children of primary schools of which 48% were girls.


DSD/Education Department was now able to track on a click of a button student level attendance, examination results, subject-wise performance, teacher performance, cluster performance, and any other data required. As a test, DSD used the EDMS to identify its teacher training needs in Sheikhupura.

Adoption and Scale-up:

The pilot automated the existing process of DSD for conducting student assessments with an added feature of analytics tool of data management and presentation. The DSD too full ownership of this intervention and jointly with SNG presented the intervention to PITB. PITB also conducted field visits to verify the design of the technology and agreed to scale-up the
system across the province and link it with the existing education monitoring indicators. The pilot was also presented to Education Department where a strong interest was shown. However, in material terms the progress is still lagging.

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