Har Zindagi – Every Life Matters

Project Grantee: Information Technology University (ITU)


Har Zindagi project aimed at enhancing the coverage and completion of child immunisation cycle by deploying innovative use of technology to make each child traceable. The pilot was implemented by Information Technology University in partnership with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU). The Har Zindagi experiment aimed to achieve significant performance improvements in immunisation administration, such as increased uptake, retention and quality of immunisation, by addressing low resource communities. The key innovation under the project was redesigning of the immunisation card, to make it more intuitive for low-literate users (by adding visual instructions, graphic illustrations, etc.).The functionality of the card was also improved by adding a Quick
Response (QR) code and an NFC reader (electronic memory card) so that the unique child ID of each card can be digitally scanned by the vaccinator’s smartphone and data is transferred to and fro. Other project components included

  • Creating digital immunisation records in the field;
  • ICT based Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for vaccine administration
  • Data-driven policy prescriptions for decision makers;
  • Vaccinators’ duty rostrum and;
  • Robo-calls and sms to reduce faults. The pilot was an extension of the existing EVACCS programme of the
    provincial government.


The project was implemented in the districts of Sheikhupura and Sahiwal. Over 16000 new born babies have been vaccinated in Sheikhupura and Sahiwal. It has also trained 50 vaccinators of the new application and the use of e-vaccination book.


The pilot targeted a 5% increase in uptake for vaccination and 25% increase in retention and improvement in service equality.

Adoption and Scale-up:

The Har Zindagi project was a natural extension of the existing EVACCS programme and PITB agreed that the components relating to sms alerts, robo-calls and vaccinator duty rostrum will be scaled up across the province by November 2016, whereas the e-vaccination books and Har Zindagi application replaced the existing EVACCS by March 2017.

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