Learning Boost


Tele Taleem Pvt. Ltd.


Due to lack of well trained teachers, children attending government primary schools are deficient in fundamental reading and numeracy skills critical for their continued retention and success in future grades. Improving children’s numeracy and literacy skills through better teaching practices.


Use of Information communication technology (ICT) to improve teachers’ skills which directly impacts learning outcomes of students. So in an IT enabled environment this project focused on improving delivery of primary education by training teachers on early grade numeracy & literacy by an expert master teacher trainer using a virtual classroom environment from a remote location. A “School Garee” equipped with multimedia components, self-sufficient power and Internet access to transformed an ordinary class room into a digital environment. Teachers used tablets to review lessons and practice new techniques. Children also got exposure to using tablets in classwork.


  • 10% Points Increase in Children’s numeracy score
  • 9% Points Improved Children’s literacy for the weakest group
  • 24% points Children’s having moderate literacy skills gained improvement in their skills

Adoption and Scale-up:

Average cost for implementing the model is PKR 960 which is about 5% of average cost of educating a child in primary school. This includes cost of tablets for teachers and book banks/numeracy kits for children. The model takes ICT to the impoverished communities, thereby dampening social disparity in access to, and quality of ICT-led learning in society. Women do not have to leave their homes for attending training far from their homes. That makes this model more inclusive and responsive to female teachers’ needs.

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