Revenue Mobilisation and Efficiency Savings

Pictures of PRA Event 2018

Pictures of PRA Event 2018









SNG identified the reform priorities of tax collection departments in a consultative manner, during development of the PFM Reform Strategy. The programme collaborated with DFID’s Trust Fund for Accelerating Growth and Revenue (TAGR), implemented by the World Bank. While implementation responsibility was with World Bank, SNG supported GoPb in the development of the reform agenda, implementation plan, coordination and implementation of some reforms. A monitoring dashboard was developed and quarterly donor coordination meetings were arranged to help monitor progress on the reforms. In addition, SNG provided direct TA on key initiatives for revenue mobilisation, including support for the survey to identify potential taxpayers for sales tax on services. A similar initiative was the use of GIS to increase collection of Capital Value Tax (CVT) in Sheikhupura district. The programme also supported other initiatives in order to create fiscal space such as payroll audits and proposals for debt swaps etc.


  • Supported a tax survey to identify 25,000 new taxpayers
  • Supported in identification and realisation of fiscal space through audit of Government’s payroll
  • Provided direct TA on key initiatives for revenue mobilisation, including additional CVT collection of
    through GIS intervention in Sheikhupura

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