Press Release

SNG Holds an Orientation Workshop with New Local Government in Sahiwal

Sub-National Governance (SNG) Programme Punjab team held a one-day orientation workshop titled, “Re-strategising SNG’s Role in District with New Local Government System” at SNG District Office in Sahiwal on Tuesday, January 24, 2017. Deputy District Health Officer, Dr. Saad Bin Saeed from Health Department along with other notable senior officials, including ADC Headquarter, Shafiq Ahmed Dogar; DSM PRSP Sahiwal, Furqan Siddique; Deputy Director Education, Innamullah; Programme Manager Her Zindagi Project, Aimen Shah; Budget & Account Officer District Health Authority (DHA) Sahiwal, Muhammad Ali and PFM Advisor SNG South Punjab, Anam Hussain, attended the workshop.

The Government of Punjab (GoPb) Publishes Interim Punjab Finance Commission Award as an Order

The Interim Punjab Finance Commission (PFC) Award 2017, which was approved by the Government of Punjab on December 30, 2016, is published as an order on January 12, 2016. The award will extend to the whole of the Punjab and it has come into force from January 2, 2017 and shall remain effective up to June 30, 2017. This order has been issued after the Government of the Punjab approved the design of Interim Provincial Finance Commission Award 2017 during the Punjab Cabinet meeting convened on December 30, 2016. The approval was granted by the provincial cabinet, which was presided by Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister, Punjab.

Head DFID Pakistan Reviews Ongoing Projects in Sheikhupura

Sheikhupura, 18th March, 2016: Head of DFID Pakistan, Ms. Joanna Reid visited Sheikhupura to review the Telemedicine pilot being implemented by the district government with the financial support of the UK aid’s SNG Programme. The project consists of furnishing Basic Health Units (BHUs) with tele-diagnostic equipment, which remotely links patients at BHUs with specialist at DHQ Hospitals. The equipment can perform 17 basic diagnostic functions including ultrasound. The project was conceived by the district government Sheikhupura as an MNCH related intervention although a large number of other patients are also expected to benefit from it.

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Operationalizing Punjab Economic Growth Strategy through ADP 2016–17

Lahore, 29th February, 2016: Government of Punjab, P&D Department, with the technical assistance from Sub-National Governance Programme organized a workshop to kick-start the formulation of Punjab Annual Development Plan (ADP) 2016-17. A wide array of senior planning officers from various departments including P&D, Health, Education, and Livestock & Dairy Development, Mines and Mineral, Information & Culture, LG&CD, Punjab Economic Research Institute and others participated in the workshop.

Innovations Showcase at PITB

The SNG Programme and the Punjab Information Technology Board showcased innovative models of governance and service delivery in health and education services at the Arfa Karim Software Technology Park. The projects presented at the event included those funded by the UK Aid under the SNG Programme’s District Delivery Challenge Fund and those currently being implemented by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Budget Transparency through The Citizens’ Budget

A consultative session titled “Citizens’ Budget–Promoting Transparency and Accountability” was organised by SNG at Islamabad which was attended by representatives from donor agencies and civil society organizations, media and government officials.

Bringing government to the People

In the run up to local government election in KP , SNG organized a series of sensitization seminars to give an introduction on the stakeholders on the local system govt. envisaged under LGA 2013 & to get a feedback of the stakeholders for improving in the rules and regulations which are under development with the SNG TA by the LGRD, P&DD and Finance Department…

First Project of CF Round II Launched in Punjab

The Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab (IPAL) at Information Technology University (ITU) has been awarded a grant worth £250,000 by Sub-National Governance Program (SNG) under its Challenge Fund.

The project called Har Zindagi-Every Life Matters aims to achieve significant performance improvements in immunization administration, such as increased uptake, retention and quality of immunization, by addressing low resource communities and by cohering the lower layers of the health system with the managerial layer. The key objective of the Har Zindagi project is to redesign the immunization card, to make it more intuitive for low-literate users (by adding visual instructions, graphic illustrations etc.). The functionality of the card will also be improved by adding a Quick Response (QR) code, so that the unique card ID of each card can be digitally scanned by the vaccination smartphone.

GIS Cell established in Karak District

Geographic Information System (GIS)cell has been established in the district government Karak for bringing efficiency and improvement in the government service delivery system especially in health and education departments at the district level . Sub-National Governance (SNG) program has provided technical assistance to the district administration for establishing GIS Cell in Karak.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the Deputy Commissioner Mr Shoaib Jadoon said that the establishment of the GIS cell will bring revolutionary improvement in the delivery of basic services in line with the present government reform agenda of improving government system in the province . He said that the cell will initially focus on health and education and will be later on extended to other service delivery sectors. The GIS will provide new ways and means to the district government departments to monitor the activities of all schools as well as health facilities.

Need for Inclusive & Job Creating Growth for KP

Peshawar, April 8,2015: Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is working for revitalizing provincial economy with special focus on job creating inclusive growth. This was stated by Additional Chief Secretary Government of KP, Owais Hammad Agha at a stakeholder consultative on workshop on economic growth strategy organized by Planning and Development dept.

Speaking on the occasion he said that the purpose of the workshop was to take the feedback of the private sector on the draft of Economic Growth Strategy being developed by the KP revitalize the economy of the province. The multifarious growth challenges in KP could be best addressed with pro-poor and inclusive development which is private sector led,creates maximum jobs and government is there is to create an enabling environment, he added.