Our Work

overview of SNG’s work

Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s provincial and local administrations are the focus of the Sub-National Governance Program (SNG). One of its main goals is to help these governments to improve their planning and budgeting processes as well as their ability to raise income transparently. More than 140 million people, particularly the poor, are expected to benefit from the SNG’s technical support in both provinces.

Our Work

Planning and Budgeting

Improve how provincial and local governments plan and budget, and follow through with budget execution in an efficient, effective and transparent manner

Institutional Strengthening

Strengthen institutional capacity for governance and public financial management, with a focus on post-Covid recovery and climate change

Fiscal Space

Strengthen revenue policy and revenue administration for additional resource generation through tax and non-tax measures

Innovation & Action Research

Improve governance and public financial management through research and innovation pilots

X-cutting: Accountability, Inclusion & Transparency

Support the mainstreaming of inclusion, accountability, and transparency in government planning and budgeting processes