planning and

planning and


SNG supports the provincial and local governments in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to:

  • Strengthen planning systems to ensure plans are evidence-based and lead to improved service delivery
  • Strengthen budgetary processes to ensure budgets are designed to deliver policy, and
  • Strengthen government capacity to ensure budgets are executed as planned

At a practical level, SNG supports the departments of Planning (P&D) and Finance (FD) in both provinces to:

Strengthen the ADP (Annual Development Programme) Process

and align it to overarching provincial strategies, sector policies and plans

Strengthen Fiscal Planning

to make credible macroeconomic forecasts and realistic guidance for budgeting

Develop a Criteria-Based Resource Distribution Mechanism

for needs-based, transparent, and equitable distribution of resources to enable local governments to develop realistic plans and budgets based on predictable resource allocation

Pilot Innovative Local Service Delivery Solutions Using Complete Policy Cycle Management Approaches

to support needs assessments, planning, budgeting, budget execution, performance monitoring and lesson learning

Automation in improving the quality of Annual Development Programme (ADP)

“SNG is helping to automate project formulation and approval in the P&D across all departments, divisions and districts to improve the quality of development planning in Punjab”