Planning and Budgeting

Pre-Budget Consultations
in KP

SNG organised the first ever pre-budget consultation between the government and the KP business community to boost the economic activity and enhance government revenues.

Promoting Inclusive and citizen centric local governance and budgeting

SNG launched the first ever citizens budget for Haripur District (KP) to promote inclusion, transparency, and accountability at the local government level.

Automation improving the quality of Annual Development Programme (ADP)

SNG is helping automate project formulation and approval in the P&D Board, across all departments, divisions and districts to improve the quality of development planning in Punjab

Integrated Budget Strategy – A case of KP

Application of Integrated Budget Strategy in KP and its benefits

Public Finance Management – Budget Strategy Paper KP

Improvements in public finance management through Budget Strategy Paper implementation in KP

KP Cash Management Policy and Framework 2020

Public Finance Management Reforms in KP – Introducing Cash Management Policy to manage cashflows and enhance efficiency savings

SNG Solid Waste Management

SNG, an FCDO-funded programme, highlights the successful launch of an approach to tackling the issue of Solid Waste Management in Kasur and Punjab.

Institutional Strengthening

Inclusive Growth – A dialogue between women entrepreneurs and KP Government

SNG supported a first ever dialogue between the Government of KP & #WomenInBusiness on tax awareness and doing business.

Making Climate Policy

SNG’s support to the Government of KP to improve climate governance and resilience.

Pakistan’s COVID Response – Lessons for Improving Governance

SNG held a national learning event to share governance insights on Pakistan’s response to manage the pandemic

Pakistan’s COVID Response in KP and Punjab

“Short- and Medium- term COVID response in KP and Punjab and Lessons Learned”

Social Protection in Punjab - COVID and Beyond

“SNG helped the Government put together a medium term Covid response strategy, leading to targeted social protection initiatives to fight the pandemic”

Punjab Government’s Response to COVID - RISE Punjab and COVID-19 Public Investment Strategy

Sub-National Governance Programme supported the Government of Punjab in developing its COVID-19 Public Investment Strategy. The RISE Framework is a guiding document to enable the government to plan its resources for short, medium and long- term.

Fiscal Space

Financing the COVID-19 Response

“SNG helped the KP government in preparing an emergency response and subsequently in identifying and directing resources to fight the Covid-19”

SNG Supports the KP Government to Legislate for Better Service Delivery

“SNG supported the KP Government in passing critical five laws, in less than 3 years, to improve public resource management for better service delivery”

A dialogue of Tax Harmonisation in Pakistan

SNG facilitated a dialogue with tax experts, practitioners, academia and civil servants, to find ways to improve tax harmonization in Pakistan.

Innovation and Action Research

“Saving Funds, Saving Lives”

SNG is helping make the health sector public procurement system efficient and transparent through the adoption of an electronic procurement system.

Zama KP App, tax payment only a Click Away

“SNG supported the development and launch of an online App (Zama KP) that allows for online tax payment in KP, reducing tax payer interaction with tax officials and improving transparency”.

A recipe for sales tax

“SNG supported the development and launch of app-based product for customers to order and pay for meals increasing revenue generation and sales tax transparency”

Promoting Gender Mainstreaming and Inclusion through Innovation and Research

“Exploring innovative ideas for gender mainstreaming and inclusion in public sector and fiscal space through collaborating with public, private, development and tech sector engagement”