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Impact Activities

PFM laws pending since 1973 enacted

KP and Punjab Public Financial Management Acts fulfill a long-standing constitutional requirement; promote rule-based, efficient, transparent and accountable financial management

SNG helps create a fiscal space of PKR 290 billion

A combination of revenue mobilization and expenditure-saving efforts in KP and Punjab yield an additional PKR 290 billion for fiscal year 2023-24.

Automation boosts local tax revenue

SNG-supported automation of Tax on Transfer of Immovable Property plugs leakages and yields an additional PKR 1.5 billion in Quarter 1 of FY 2023-24 (up 37% over the same period last year)

Taxing Online Services generates PKR 300 million

Extending Sales Tax to the purchase of online services, such as Netflix and Google etc. brings in an additional revenue of PKR 300 million

Stamp duty up by PKR 1.5 billion

An increase of PKR 1.5 billion in Stamp Duty in FY22-23 represented a year-on-year increase of 28%

Punjab Green Financing Strategy

While laying the roadmap for green financing, it enabled Punjab to access $50 million under the World Bank’s PRIDE Program

Additional PKR 300 billion in three year

Punjab’s Medium-Term Revenue Mobilization Strategy aims to generate an additional PKR 300 billion over three years (FY2023-2026)

Commodity debt halved

Punjab retired PKR 469 billion of circular debt on account of wheat subsidy in FY2024 (58% reduction)

Over 300,000 informal workers registered

Over 333,000 informal workers (25% women) formally recognized through an Informal Worker’s Registry, now accessible in the event of a potential disaster such as Covid

82,000 elderly women receiving regular assistance

Bahimmat Buzurg Programme: 82,000 elderly women receive a monthly cash benefit of PKR 2,000, enhancing their financial security

Pension liability reduced by PKR 100 billion

The new contributory pension scheme reduces the future pension liability by PKR 100 billion over the next five years, 25% of government’s FY 2022-23 pension costs

PKR 50-70 billion annual savings

Reforming the current pension scheme (decision expected soon) will result in additional annual savings of PKR 50-70 billion, reducing between 13 and 18% of pension cost for FY 2022-23

Food security for 700,000 vulnerable individuals

Using the Punjab Socio-economic Registry, the Rashan Raiyat Programme afforded food security to 700,000 vulnerable individuals

PKR 8 billion compensation for flood victims

PKR 8 billion, covering 80% of flood losses, paid in FY2022-23, from a contingent allocation without affecting government priorities

Pension reform in action, PKR85 billion Saved

Raising minimum voluntary retirement age led to 22% reduction in pension liability, saving PKR 85.49 billion in FY2023-24

Borrowing costs down by PKR 18 billion

Vigilant negotiations with banks result in better repayment terms and reduce borrowing costs by PKR 18 billion

Additional funding for Newly Merged Districts

KP enabled to negotiate with federal government a merit-based allocation for newly merged districts: PKR 338 billion as arrears followed by PKR 140 billion annually through NFC

Identifying 30% increased Revenue Target

A review committee meeting identified an additional revenue target of 30% (PKR 20 billion (£62 million)) over last year’s actual revenue collection

Unblocking the windfall levy

KP’s share of the ‘windfall levy’ on oil will generate PKR 58.2 billion (£179 million) in arrears that have been stuck since 2013, and projected PKR 10-12 billion (£31-37 million) annually, depending on the global oil market

Doubling Infrastructure Development levy

Rationalising infrastructure development tax promises an additional PKR 3 billion annually for better infrastructure maintenance

Climate mitigation funding up by 38%

Climate budget tagging enables KP to track critical allocations to manage climate change: it reveals a 38% increase in allocations for mitigation action in FY 2022-23 led to

Plugging PKR 192 billion in funding gap

Thorough analysis enabled KP to identify PKR 192 billion in federal receivables that had not yet been paid. KP successfully retrieved PKR 42 billion through NFC reconciliation for NMDs, recalculation of hydel power profits, and FBR and KPRA cross-input reconciliation

Better oversight of PKR 380 billion spend by PSEs

An integrated portal enhances transparency in the management of PKR 380 billion of public funds by 171 public sector entities

An enduring solution to solid waste chaos

SNG’s end-to-end policy cycle support is providing a low-cost indigenous model to manage solid waste with TMA Bahrain and WSSC Babuzai leading the way