Innovation and
Action Research

Innovation and
Action Research


SNG supports innovation in governance and public financial management through a Challenge Fund and Action Research window. The output supports innovation in the aforementioned SNG workstreams. Governments increasingly face complex governance problems and need ‘thinking space’ and ‘catalytic investments’ to generate problem-driven, innovative ideas to address these challenges.

Key steps in SNG’s innovation cycle are:

Joint Issue Identification and Problem Definition

ensuring ownership of critical stakeholders

Co-creating Solutions With Reform Working Groups

led by the Secretary of the department and involving key non-government actors

Monitoring Progress During The Execution of Innovations

from joint Grant partner selection to joint performance reviews

Ensuring Adoption And Scale-Up

by continued follow-up and support to create enabling regulatory environment as needed

In Other Appropriate Situations, SNG Supports Action Research

focusing on the burning governance issues to deepen understanding and generate solution options

Saving Funds, Saving Lives

SNG is helping make the health sector public procurement system efficient and transparent through the adoption of an electronic procurement system.