Innovation and
Action Research


SNG supports innovation in governance and public financial management through an Innovation Challenge Fund window and Action Research interventions. This output support innovation and research in all SNG workstreams: planning, budgeting and budget execution, institutional strengthening, fiscal space, and inclusion and transparency. Governments increasingly face complex governance problems and need ‘thinking space’ and ‘catalytic investments’ to generate problem-driven, innovative ideas to address these challenges.

The SNG support for institutional strengthening includes:

Joint issue identification and problem definition

process and align the ADP to overarching provincial strategies, sector policies, and plans

Co-creating solutions with reform working groups

under the Secretary of the department, also involving non-government actors through hackathons

Joint grant partner selection

360-degree government ownership, and joint performance review of the progress on innovation

Regular synching with the department

to ensure adoption and scale-up, including through follow-up support like creating enabling regulatory environment

Action Research

the other stream, focuses on exploring the burning issues in governance and helps generate understanding to resolve them.