Innovation Challenge Fund

The Innovation Challenge Fund & Action Research is a £8,000,000 fund (£4 million for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and £4 million for Punjab) which seeks to finance innovative and potentially scalable pilot approaches and conduct action research to build evidence of what reform works that eventually contributes to improving governance resulting in effective service delivery that in particular meet the needs of poor and marginalised people in SNG-II target districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Punjab.

The objective of the ICF is to fund innovative pilots that will support areas such as public financial management, planning, revenue mobilization, delivery of municipal services, accountability and transparency and other areas of reform strongly linked to three technical outputs of the SNG-II Programme that may not be possible through a standard TA as it requires additional financial and thinking space.

During the inception period the team held meetings with all key stakeholders as well as internal meetings to debate and design the process and governance mechanism of the ICF. The purpose of AR is to tackle tough reform questions, understand problems better by engaging researchers closer to the action as it unfolds and to draw learnings and iterations to resolve, uncover positive deviance in governance reform, and ensure the best targeting and delivery of the TA provided under SNGII.


SNG is a programme managed and implemented by OPM.

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