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Finance Department Punjab holds Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop

Finance Department Punjab holds Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop.

The Finance Department Punjab, in partnership Sub National Governance Prgramme held a pre-budget consultative workshop for FY 2021-22. Government Representatives, development agencies, UN agencies, academics, civil society organisations participated in the event. Renowned civil society representatives, academics and experts participated and led breakout group discussions to formulate recommendations for Budget 2021-22.

On the occasion, Minister of Finance Punjab said that the govt of Punjab is a true believer in inclusive growth and social sector development and the reforms in education and health will be instrumental in putting Punjab on the right track of economic growth.

He said that the Finance Dept started the Inclusive budgeting approach last year and consolidated the efforts to ensure that planning and budgeting should meet the needs and true aspirations of the citizens. He thanked the SNG team for the support provided to the govt on key reform interventions.

FCDO UK representative Alex Ballinger said that the UK govt is committed to partnering with Punjab govt to improve the lives of the citizens.